Why Your Child Should Go to a Pediatric Dentist Rather Than Your Regular Dentist

As a child, going to see the dentist can become a very stressful and scary experience. However, it is a very important task that should be done on a biannual basis for excellent oral hygiene. Taking your child to see a pediatric dentist over your regular family dentist has its benefits.

While family dentists are equipped to handle general dentistry for all ages, from plaque buildup to cavities, tooth decay and gum health, they do not have the extra specialized training that pediatric dentist have when dealing with a child. A pediatric dentist, after completing their regular dentist school requirements, are mandated to take an additional 2-3 years of specific child-centered training.

Throughout this training they go over such things as how to handle a child, talking to children to make sure they are not scared or to calm them down, and how to make the experience fun. They are also study child psychology helping to effectively communicate with different children, including special needs children, in a gentle and non-threatening manner.

A pediatric dentist are also used to treating littler mouths, making the process smoother for a first time visit. They are also more adapt at addressing issues that are child centered, such as thumb sucking, bottle feeding or using a pacifier that may lead to bigger issues later in life. Young children are not immune to cavities either, and having a dentist that can treat a smaller child’s cavity and effectively communicate with a child on how to prevent future ones is a benefit.

Children who go to a pediatric dentist tend to have more fun. Many offices make the visit a game for the kids and will even give out rewards or prizes at the end of the visit. This is again implemented to make children feel comfortable and have a positive experience with their visits. The staff is trained as well to communicate and encourage kids that coming to a dentist is important and can be fun.

With a dentist’s typical office, it does not always seem inviting to a young child. With a pediatric dentist’s office it seems like a playground to a child. Bright colors, big murals illustrated across the walls, toys and video games for very small children to older kids to occupy themselves while parents can fill out paperwork in peace.

Just like a family dentist, a pediatric dentist is focused on the prevention of major oral issues by implementing early detection, the treatment of any previous or current issues and to educate children and parents on the importance of daily oral health. With these tools in hand, a pediatric dentist is always up to date on the latest in children’s dentistry and want nothing but the best for your children. While weighing your options, consider taking your child to the Pediatric Dentist in Jupiter FL who specializes in children’s oral health, over your regular family dentist.

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